Setting the Scene -Conceptual Styling

Project description:

As part of my education I had to complete an elective course, and the one I completed was Setting the Scene -Conceptual Styling. The class was divided into groups and we had to choose a brand with which to work for the next 3 weeks. Each week, we had a a new theme for the project, the course ending with an exhibition. The brand we worked with was Royal Copenhagen and the concept we used was: "How can we promote Royal Copenhagen for tourist with a playful and danish touch and by incorporating fairytales?".

Theme 1: set design /staged photography

For the first theme we choose 3 fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen and we combined them with Royal Copenhagen to brand their products in a creative way. Besides combining 2 danish elements we also decided to using scandinavian design, minimalism, which we tried to use it all through 3 themes.

Theme 2: digital lookbook /animation

The following GIFs were shown on a digital catalogue. The pictures were taken by me and then, using stop-motion we compiled them into gifs. Every member had a GIF to do. Each GIF represents another collection from Royal Copenhagen. This meant that the Little Match Girls represented the Christmas collection, the Steadfast Tin Soldier represents the original, blue collection while the Ugly Duckling represents the Easter collection.

matches girl tinsoldier ugly ducking

Theme 3: installation

For the installation we had to use the creations from the previous themes , as well as something new. Because of this we decided to print the pictures from the 1st theme and put them in old-style frames and the gifs were shown on a computer each (the monitors were framed so that they looked as paintings). We imagined the installation would be a window display at their shop in the airport. The new fairytale was the Emperor's New Clothes and we made it look as if the actual emperor stepped out of a fairytale book. The background music was something calming and fairytale-like.

My role:

Brainstorming, taking pictures and editing them, and compiling a GIF.

Tools used:

Photoshop; Nikon D3200; pen and paper (sketches)