Project description:

Stine Junge Albrechtsen and Ida Vanman Jakobsen wish to create a unique online community for people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A community they call FODMAPforum.
The idea with FODMAPforum is to offer interdisciplinary expert knowledge on treatment of irritable bowel syndrome for a monthly fee. The community is hosted by four experts: a doctor, a nurse, a dietitian and a coach.
The overall purpose is to help IBS patients live, as unaffected as possible, increase the quality of their everyday lives and hopefully help IBS patients become asymptomatic (clinically silent).
The target group for this project is individuals who suffer from IBS. One of the challenges was to discover and determine both the user needs of this specific target group as well as the clients' wishes and desires for the end product. Both parties should be heard and visible in our product solution.
The final product is a prototype, not a fully functioning website.



My role:

Project manager, website coding, making the Design manual.

Tools used:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript; Photoshop (wireframes and mockups); Illustrator (logo, promotional merchandise); InDesign (design manual, promotional merchandise); Premier Pro, After Effects (video)


The logo went through a huge evolution. We desired something simple but expressive, that will inspire trust and a close community. We had to take into the consideration the fact that IBS is a privat illness and of which people should not be ashamed and afraid.

fodmap forum logo


The colours used were basic one, they being green, dark grey, white and yellow. These are main colors for the website because you can combine them in different situations with their own defferent shades. Black and dark grey are mainly used for text. Yellow and green are two bold choices to give the overall design a fresh look and to make it more approachable.

fodmap forum colours


The font chosen was Josefin Sans Regular. It is simple and easy to read even if there is a large quantity of text.

fodmap forum typography

App design

We designed a mobile application for an app. If you are in an unknown place this application, using your location can show you the closest toilets and comments/rating from other people who used it. It is dirrectly connected with the website.

fodmap forum mobile app


The first video is a cartoon which informs the audience what IBS is, the second is an interview with the founders of FODMAPforum and the last one is a website guide which also appears on the main page of the website