Graphic Design- elective

Project description:

This was a mandatory elective of Graphic Design. We had lectures as well as practical exercises to put into practice the theory learnt. Besides some small exercises, there were 3 tests based on which we were graded.

Exercises and tests

These were small exercises in between theory to prepare us for the tests based on which we were graded.

Skateboard mockups

Magazine spread template

Magazine spread template

Vinyl cover redesign: "Wrong Crowd" by Tom Odell

Gestalt law: Figure and Background

Gestalt law: Proximity

Gestalt law: Similarity

Gestalt law: Closedness

Gestalt law: Continuity

Gestalt law: Simplicity

My role:

The whole assignment was individual work, meaning that everything was done by me.

Tools used:

Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign