Venga Travel

Project description:

Venga Travel is a danish travel agency based in Barcelona, Spain. They make travel packages for groups of people from Denmark. While I was there I was an multimedia designer intern doing promotional merchandise for them. After I finished my internship I decided, as part of my AP final exam project, to create an illustration and a character for them to use.

Merchandise created:


This is a promotional video which shows a group of youths from Denmark who came to Barcelona for a few weeks to experience the culture and gain some experience while working for local based companies. The video shows their journey and interviews with some of them.

Illustration and character:


The following moodboard was used for the illustration and the representation of the company (the parakeet character).



The following colours were used for everything created for Venga Travel.

venga colours

My role:

I was in charge of the design, editing, filming, brainstorming, sketching and illustrating.

Tools used:

Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign; Premier Pro; Bamboo Pad.